Endless Imaginations Studio

Let your imagination take flight.

Commissions are:
People have sent me money before sending me their information on what is to be drawn.

I can be bartered with. Don't be scared to make a reasonable deal with me.

You have to also bear in mind that I have frequent commissioners, People who has paid me to draw for them many times over the year. They normally get first on the list due to their repeated purchases and outstanding customer politeness. They know me well and how I function. If you wish to be as well, you will have to remember the rules that are set and know how I roll.

Before you consider commissioning me, please make sure you have all of your research of what you want drawn is done. that means a complete description of what you want drawn, references of the character. If it's a brand new character that has yet to be designed, supply references for hairstyle, body build, clothing, race/specie, etc. It's not my job to run around and root for references that you were supposed to supply to me. If your commission is delayed or has yet to be completed because I have insufficient information, then the commissioner is to blame. I don't have extra time to search for such information.

I will not tolerate weekly emails, notes or messages asking about their commission's progress. I will contact you when I'm working on it. Yes, I know you are excited and want to see what has been done, but that doesn't give the commissioner the right to constantly bother me when there are other things (like life) that is keeping me from working on it right now. So please, learn to be patient and it will be done.

I will also not tolerate nitpickers. I know that certain things during the sketch phase look funny and I wouldn't mind if you ask me to change something to have it to your liking but that doesn't give the commissioner the right to constantly bother me for consistent alterations. So please mind your persistence. If you are an extreme nitpicker, save yourself the trouble by not commissioning me please.

Another thing: If there is a very small, minor alteration that is needed to the piece to be done, ASK FIRST. Asking me will clear a lot of unneeded drama in the future. I am courteous and compliant when it comes to slight alterations on ports, icons and full art pieces.

You do not need to ask me if you wish to put said commissioned piece into your gallery submissions. Just as long as you credit it to me, it's all good. If I put it up somewhere, just cite the source. The same applies to any image-hosting website such as gelbooru, e621, etc. Citing the source will direct others to find me and even commission me. It makes me really happy!

The prices below will be MINIMUM ONLY. It will subject to change depending on the complexity. You can pay more if you want, but I'm not asking you to. When requesting for a commission, the price may vary due to how you want the picture to be. The only way the price will increase if you request the picture to be VERY DETAILED IN EITHER PERSON, BACKGROUND OR QUANTITY OF PICTURES.

You have to pay first before you can get the sketch. I was scammed before (twice) and it had left me to take this only option.

Will draw:
Original Characters
Original/Canon pairings
Scenery or inanimate objects
Nudity/adult artwork
Gay/Lesbian or Yaoi/Yuri (Under certain conditions)

Will NOT draw:
Overly complicated backgrounds
Originals WITHOUT decent visual references
More than 4+ characters
Extreme Gore/Violence
Underfed, anorexic women/men
Obese/over-muscular women/men
Child/Cub Pornography and/or Ageplay
Extreme fetishes