Endless Imaginations Studio

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Syrae Universe (Owner)

Name: Cynthia M. Turner Ruiz
Alias: Cyn, Cyd, Syrae
Nationality: Hispanic (Puerto Rico)
Gender: Genderfluid
Sex: Female
Birthday: March 19th
Homestate: Florida
Current Residence: Sanford, FL
Occupation: Digital Illustrator/ 
Soft Collections Agent
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Illustration


Name: Kim-Loan T. Nguyen 
Alias: Mukichan, Muki Tanuki, Chai, "Devourer of All Things Cute" 
Nationality: Asian (Vietnamese) 
Gender: Bigender 
Sex: Female 
Birthday: February 10th 
Homestate: Georgia Current 
Residence: Atlanta, GA 
Occupation: Digital Illustrator/ Fulfillment Media Products Manager
     A native of Florida, Cynthia Ruiz has been an artist for since she was nine years old. She graduated from Seminole State College in 2012 with an Associates in Arts, still continuing on her studies beyond college. She is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill artist in the United States. A strong-willed person with a mind that is probably much out of this world with the kindness and generosity to chase after it. The world of music is the spark that ignites her imagination and inspires her to draw. And draw she does, giving each piece a new improvement or style in her development. She isn't limited to just one category either, but broadens her horizons into all sorts of styles of music ranging from Alternate Rock to hip hop and classical music. Each year, critique adds to her artistic improvement.

      A woman often seen with extremes of emotions, she’s what most would call a literal “moe” girl out of an Anime. Having grown up around Anime as her source of inspiration for arts, she didn’t let her parents dissuade her from her passions for drawing. Although she never got the support from her family, having the support from her online friends from around the world helped her continue her aspirations of creating her own comic. On and off for 20+yrs, she’s been drawing and improving her Anime-inspired style in search of something she can call her own. Don’t let her extremes get the best of you, cause behind that shade of Kawaii-desu is a thirst for adventures behind that pen.