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Testimonials from both artists and customers that has known and had firsthand experience with the artist.

Quotes As a fellow artist and regular commissioner of Syrae, I have yet to have a complaint. I have commissioned a variety of work and styles from her and every piece has been of a high standard. Both in the amount of detail and in keeping to the brief I submitted at the time. Her prices are competitive and very reasonable, and her turn over (considering the aforementioned level of detail and number of clients) is wonderful. In the years I have known her both personally and before that as a client her art has continued to grow at a steady and impressive rate. I look forward to my current pieces in the works with eager anticipation. Quotes
Tigger Fellini

Quotes Syrae is an artist the average commissioner would want: Professional, Nice to converse with, and is passionate of her work. One of Syrae's biggest strength is having the variety to draw many styles you choose (from realistic to cartoony. From Minecraft style to Panty and Stocking style.' This type of variety even comes with colors) Her prices are reasonable as well as being easy to reach if there's any changes needed for the drawing. I wish to continue business with Syrae, as should new commissioners start business with her. Quotes
Ronald 'Rockin' Luckie

Quotes I've never met an artist who takes more personal pride in her work. Syrae always exceeds expectations, and is always willing to put the time and effort it takes to perfect her work. If commissioners want adjustments, she makes them without complaint. Satisfaction and quality, to her, are of utmost importance. Talented artists are available all over the world, easily located via Google search on the internet. But never in my personal experience have I found one that brings such life and absolute purity to her works as Syrae. If she drew it, the work will speak to you. And you'll come back for more. Quotes
Frank Rojas

Quotes I've commissioned plenty of artists since I've been able to think of things I wanted drawn. I've dealt with every level of artist from the whiny and horrible to deal with, to the professional, private streaming and do-anything-for-customer types. I would like to state that Syrae has gone above and beyond my expectations and is why I continue to count on her for my most intimate of delicate commissions that I want drawn. She's a great artist, does good and very professional work. She is easy to get along with if known how to approach. I believe that she'll become an even better artist with time and the already outstanding work she does will become extraordinary the more she works. Quotes
Kasi Myth

Quotes I have been requesting commissions from Syrae for several years now, of varying style and request; and every last one of them has been astonishing! Great work all around, great prices, excellent attitude.. she's hands' down one of the best artists in her field. Don't hesitate to take up the chance to commission her -- you won't regret it! Quotes
Bethany Wormwood

Quotes For over eight years, I've known Syrae. I've always admired her talent and artwork. She's a very bright, creative, hard working and extremely passionate about her work. Her artwork is beautiful, high quality and definitely worth every penny. She is very friendly and I adore her to pieces! Quotes

Quotes My first time getting art from Syrae and it was amazing! When it was time for my commission to start she streamed the whole process for me. I would of thought such high quality art would take several hours or a couple of days depending. Instead it took less than an hour, right before my eyes for make a beautiful piece! She works hard and it shows in both the quality of the art and the speed she is able to craft it. An enjoyable experience all around as she made a new Original Character come to life. Quotes

Quotes As a good friend and repeat customer of Syrae's I'd attest to both her professionalism and her friendly and accommodating attitude and work ethic. In every dealing I've had with her I've allows walked away extremely satisfied with the product she produced for me. Quotes

Quotes Very professional artist, shes always tried to go the extra mile to make characters look far more dynamic or.. epic than people tend to request. The artwork is always sharp and clean. When she streams her process, you can see the amount of effort she puts into her work. Quotes

Quotes Very good to work with when it comes to art. Is entertaining to watch when it comes to seeing her WIP. I've never been more happier with the results she has delivered. Quotes
Drake Rogers